Student Data Platform

Create a single source of truth for all your student data

Operationalize your data with our fully managed Student Data Platform. Our end-to-end service provides everything you need from data aggregation, data warehousing, and data visualization for everyone in your organization.

Our Student Data Platform is designed to connect data from multiple systems, such as the SIS, LMS, and assessments, while providing a set of tools to activate that data, including reporting, monitoring systems, notification systems, and more accessible data to serve more stakeholders.

Data Warehouse

Aggregate SIS, LMS, assessment, learning data, and more into your data warehouse, creating a unified source of information. We leverage modern data services like BigQuery to manage your data.


Move away from a “one size fits all” tool and get the data and visualizations that work best for your unique district. You will get access to a hands-on data specialist to build to your exact requirements.

Intelligent Automation

Deploy automated alerts and early warnings to notify teachers and principals of learning risk in their classrooms, or to students and parents to help them stay on track with their course work.


Enable a wider audience to tap into data, allowing effortless access to information for everyone including superintendents, coaches, intervention specialists, teachers, parents, and students.

Unify your data

Highly scalable, flexible connectors to unify data from Student Information Systems, Assessment providers, Learning Management Systems, and more.

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Activate your data

Go beyond just data dashboards to activate your data, transforming information into action.

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Get more bandwidth for insights and analysis with our managed data platform

Save time on tedious data plumbing so your team can focus on insights and action.

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Data Connectors

Out-of-the-box and custom connectors to bring data from multiple sources into a single data warehouse.


Schools and districts are not identical, so your data tools shouldn’t be either. Schoolytics offers rich customization of reporting and analysis tools.

Access for All

Enable your school leaders to turn your data into action with access to tools for every stakeholder in the central office or the classroom.